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Wellcome to Panacea 4U,
an upcoming service provider for international human resource management in the medical and healthcare sector.
Feel free to inform yourself about our services by visiting our website. As an employee or freelancer you can start your application direct online or take online conatct with us for further information.  
As an employer please let us know which positions you are looking for.  
Enjoy your stay!

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Von-Eicken-Str. 13 - 22529 Hamburg - Germany
Tel +49-(0)40-431-93770 | Fax +49-(0)40-431-93154
eMail: request@panacea.de | internet: www.panacea.de

Attention:Urgent need for Norway, Sweden, Danmark: Radiographer/ Radiologist or OBS&GYN for mammography

For the UK:Pharmacist (Retail), Dentist, Radiologist Psychiatrist, Haematologist, Diabetes & Endocrinology, Histopathologist, Microbiologist.

For UK & Ireland we are looking for opticians and Optomotrist

Midwifes for Irland, urgently needed

Urgent need for UK and Norway e.g. Consultant Radiologist and Psychiatrist, visceral surgeons

NEW Internet portal for Panacea jobmarked: Hamburg.

New Internet portal for all Panacea seminar activity: Seminare.

Please use only our new Tel.-Nr. 040-43193770, Thanks! (41 11 48 20 will be out of order soon!)

Please apply today:

+49 (0)40-431 93 770 Wolfgang Wannoff or use the online-applicationform. requirer job information

Please, use our new telf.-no.: +49 (0)40-431 93 770 only